I’m wearing my favourite red woolly jumper, my car is covered in condensation and the guinea pigs keep themselves warm at night by burying into a huge pile of hay – so I felt the need to remind myself that we have had a bit of a summer. Here are some pics I took on our rather brief summer holiday:

Sons romping out in the caravan awning.

Sparky’s not enjoying this, but she hangs on in there waiting for them to finish so she can get back to sleep.

Boys and dog on the beach between Redcar and Saltburn. All were very happy; it was a quiet spot with lots of room for running, shouting and ball throwing.

Third-and-final son, his hair blowing in the breeze.

Son-in-the-middle, moving too fast for me to pull my focus.

Firstborn. Favourite phrase on holiday: Don’t take my picture!

The beach and cliff at Saltburn – of which more later.