Really, this summer has been all rain, rain, rain… but it has resulted in an excellent apple crop (there’s so much fruit it’s rotting on the trees in my MIL’s garden) and also some very pretty fungi cropping up in unexpected places.

These were growing out in the open, rather than among the trees where I would expect to see mushrooms/ toadstools/ whatever.

As the leaves fall from the trees there’s some great light in the wood:

See the blur on the right? That’s Sparky chasing Pippa, m’brother’s Jack Russell terrier. The more time I spend looking after terriers, the more grateful I am that I have Sparky. She may be half Jack Russell, but she has definitely inherited that laidback whippet nature. Sparks is also a decent height; Pippa’s legs are so short I fall over her regularly as I don’t notice that she’s right under my feet.

This is one of the views from the path to the woods. If you were driving round the area you’d hardly notice the presence of fields as they’re tucked away behind houses and factories. To take this picture I had to look over the noisy, dusty cement works, but then I see the fields, sky and church (Mirfield Parish) and I feel much more content.