I’m still tired. I’m also in Reading, because without thinking I agreed to attend a volunteers conference, but I have my laptop, I also have three new books, and I am desperately in love with one of them. Don’t get me wrong, the other two (Margery Allingham: Cargo of Eagles and The Mind Readers – aka Campion mysteries) will be mighty fine, but Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer by Jane Brocket is absolutely luscious. It’s full of recipes for foods from many of my favourite childhood books, such as Milly-Molly-Mandy (Milly-Molly-Mandy, Little Friend Susan and Billy Blunt’s fried onions), The Famous Five (ginger beer, fresh and goey macaroons), Mary Poppins (Mrs Banks’ bribery and corruption cocoanut cakes), Little House on the Prairie (Ma’s hand-sweetened cornbread) and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Mrs Beaver’s gloriously sticky marmalade roll).

Oh, and What Katy Did. I loved What Katy Did, What Katy Did at School, and What Katy Did Next. M’sister and I named our rag dolls Katy and Clover, and when I saw the recipe for Debby’s Jumbles I nearly cried. I shall bake them next week.