I’m nearly there on the research project. The introduction section could do with a tweak, but it’ll do if I run out of patience. Method, just about done. Results, just about done unless I think of yet another thing that could do to go in. 400-word abstract, done. References, all typed up. Appendices, all available at the push of a button, including all raw data and SPSS output transferred to disc for submission.

Still remaining: the discussion section. Which is pretty important. When I did my undergrad RP, I wrote the discussion in about two hours. And yes, it could have been a bit better, but I rattled it out in two or three hours with no problems. I was totally on top of my background reading and my results, and bang, bang, bang, it was done. This time, I’m not so on top of things. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not prepared to push myself to the edge of endurance like I was last time. Whatever.

In addition to other, more understandable factors, I have this little voice in my head and, even though I’m so nearly completed, the little voice is muttering “it’ll be crap, you know it will be crap. You’ll never get a decent mark, you’ve taken too long to get this finished. Might as well quit now. No point putting yourself through the disappointment. Just leave it. Walk away. Put it down. No point in carrying on with this.”

I am so tired. I really really want to go with the advice of the little voice.

BUT. I am so nearly there. Do it. Do it now, says a crosser voice. Finish it, write whatever comes into your head. Just get it finished and you can hand it over and really relax. Don’t listen to that fool. GET IT DONE. Nearly there. One more day.

Go away little voice. You are no friend to me.