Here are a few photos from our 20th wedding anniversary picnic on August Bank Holiday Monday.

You can’t see the dog, but this is my baby brother swishing Pippa the Jack Russell terrier in the ornamental lake at Nostell Priory. She had distinguished herself by spotting a pile of fox poop and rolling in it, as soon as she got out of the car, so an enforced bath was her fate before we got around to eating the picnic.

Baby brother gives baby nephew a pull up the hill in the parkland.

Then once we got up to the top nephew was free to roam. Mainly he tried to climb the sheep netting, but we managed to get a couple of runs out of him.

Third-and-final-son climbs on the obelisk lodge gatehouse. Sparky tried to follow him – up a vertical 7ft wall.

Nephew gets a hand to join in the climbing. Seconds later baby brother nearly had his head torn off by my understandably worried SIL.

Back at the cars, we spread out our blankets and settled down for a picnic feast. Nephew ate quietly for a little while, then discovered the joys of a hardboiled egg. Look at my big little brother behind him – maybe I should rename some of these photos ‘Like Father Like Son’.

The sight of the egg is tantalising Pippa.

So Grandma finds a beaker for him to carry his egg in.

Nya, nya, nya – no egg for you!

After a vigorous game of badminton we lined up the dogs for a family photo. It took several goes to get all three facing in the right direction. Willy is on the left, Pippa in the middle and Sparky on the right. Those are firstborn’s legs. Unfortunately m’sister and Willis the dipstick terrier couldn’t join us that day.