Team bronze and individual bronze medals for Great Britain in the eventing. I was so churned up watching the showjumping phase yesterday afternoon that I nearly left the room. Really bad luck for Mary King, but then Tina Cook did so well! I was doing my best to be sportswomanlike and not cheer when the four people between Tina and a medal knocked a fence down, but it was very difficult.

Now it’s the turn of the dressage team but the blasted BBC isn’t showing Olympic dressage on any channel I can get. I’m going to have to try and watch online, which will further screw up my research project schedule.

My head feels like it’s going to explode, I have so many things to keep track of. I’m going to take third-and-final-son to the bookshop today as he is feeling a little neglected. He has also been very helpful and quiet as I try to get some work done, so he is due a treat. I was then planning to go into university and work in the library, but then son-in-the-middle announced that he was heading into town with friends today. As firstborn is off working with his grandad, I don’t want to leave third-and-final on his own for several hours so that’s another plan down the drain.

I really have had enough now. For two pins I could quit.

Today’s picture: third-and-final-son wandering along the beach near Redcar with his daddy.