The barbed wire fog lifted around lunchtime on Wednesday, after which I wrote about 1,000 words. Thank you God!

Got to get my head down this morning and write another thousand, so I can bunk off and watch the Olympics opening ceremony this afternoon. I love the Olympics. I get so excited you’d think I was going myself. M’husband I have been watching a BBC series, Olympic Dreams, which has featured a bunch of Team GB members preparing. It’s been really good, although I could have cried for Jess, the heptathlete in the last programme, who had to drop out of the team after being diagnosed with three stress fractures in her foot. The series also featured Lee Pearson, an exceptionally talented member of the paralympic dressage squad, who controls his horse with his bottom (!) due to having virtually no strength in his arms or legs. Puts me and my attempts to ride a circle to shame.

The eventing competition starts tomorrow, so as well as teaching all weekend I’ll be glued to the TV at unsocial hours. The cross country section is in the early hours on Monday, so I could get up really early for that and have a sleep later in the day. I’m also looking forward to seeing some top class dressage, especially the kur as I’ve never seen that before – heard a lot about it, but not got round to going to see any.

So here are some appropriate pictures: from Bramham horse trials earlier this year. I didn’t take these – third-and-final son took the first, with my camera (his reaction times are much better than mine so he didn’t have as many shots of horses’ bums as I would) and m’husband took the rest, with his superior camera.

I think that one is Oliver Townend, who didn’t make it onto the team this time.

And there’s William Fox-Pitt, who is on the team (again) and one of GB’s big hopes for a gold medal.