I have writer’s block, I’ve decided. Purely on the introduction section to the research project, but obviously this is quite a large part of the whole so being stuck, frozen and frazzled on that bit is not good. The results section is complete, and I can contemplate the discussion with relative calm, but I feel I shouldn’t be writing that bit without having the key themes worked out in my introduction.

I really don’t know what to do about it. I had a plan – write in the mornings, tidy up and/ or do other stuff with my children in the afternoon, teach in the evening (August is a very busy teaching month for me as many other teachers take time off) – but this morning that changed to:

1. Look at my overview paragraph for half an hour whilst eating breakfast

2. No inspiration forthcoming, so read other people’s blogs and emails for a hour, start to get a frazzled feeling in the bit of my brain at the bottom of the back of my skull.

3. Do some housework

4. Back to the computer, gaze at introduction for 20 minutes, start to panic.

5. Do some NCT diary stuff and print off lists and activities for tonight’s class.

6. My husband phones. I tell him I have writer’s block, he says “oh well”, and asks me if the post has come.

7. Google ‘writer’s block’. Decide to blog.

And there you have my day so far. It’s a couple of minutes off midday (lunch! There’s a welcome distraction) and then I have to take firstborn son into town to get a bus pass. I also need to water my tomatoes in the conservatory, then check the other tubs out in the garden.

Here are my Sungold tomatoes. There’s also a red variety, but they’re hiding among the leaves and not so easy to photograph: