Third-and-final son breaks up on Tuesday lunchtime. Firstborn and son-in-the-middle are already at home. I am despondent. No time on my own until September 8. And I still have the blasted RP to finish. I had a total and absolute brain freeze last week, until my youngest brother came round and got me moving. Then I taught all weekend, so the brakes went on again. Sh**, sh**, sh** and b***** it.

My language is getting worse and my patience ever shorter. It’s also my 20th wedding anniversary at the end of August and I want some congratulations around here. Presents would also be good. It’s been hard work at times and I want to feel the love. I’ve been trying to work out with m’husband how we can celebrate with immediate family (that’s 19 people without the two of his sisters who have run off to Antigua) and not spend a fortune. We are getting nowhere fast. I think I may consult m’mother for more bright ideas.

As I am in such a depressive, cranky state I went looking for a pic which would soften my heart, and here it is. My beautiful Waterside Duke, gleaming in the sunlight at the Great Yorkshire Show three (I think) years ago). He was placed sixth in a strong lineup, and I was very very proud of him.