I spent three days last week at the Great Yorkshire Show, and I’m still knackered. I drove there every day, which  would be nothing to a regular commuter, but then I’m not used to commuting so next year I am thinking seriously about getting m’husband to tow the caravan up on the Monday evening so I can stay on site and have a little sleep after lunch every day. Age is obviously catching up with me.

The ground was pretty sodden before the show had even started:

But the judges and stewards were immaculately turned out, as always, they just added wellies to their outfits:

The main reason I go on the Tuesday is to watch the hunter classes, which are always good but this year the standard was incredibly high.

Plus there are always sheep, pigs and cattle to inspect. Cattle entries were definitely much lower than usual due to the bluetongue restrictions, but there were still some excellent specimens:

The weather was a bitch for taking photographs with my little camera. It seemed to be overcast, but after a couple of hours I realised I was screwing my eyes up all the time because the seemingly cloudy sky was so bright. Consequently my pictures are even more crappy than usual. M’husband came with me on Wednesday, bringing a slightly better camera and infinitely more technical expertise, so I’ll try and post some of his tomorrow.