It goes like this:

Richard (friend of parents) drives tractor and baler up and down the field, capturing the rows of loose hay and turning them into bales.

The baler is followed (at some distance, depending on how fast they’re working) by the other tractor and trailer team who pick up the bales I’ve tidied into piles.

Here they are, working hard. By this point I’ve been abandoned by third-and-final son, who has decided it will be easier to assist on the trailer.

Meanwhile, m’mother (and Fly the border collie) are raking bits of hay from round the edges and adding them to the rows, ready for Richard to bale. The lovely green bits are where m’father cleared the brambles and re-dug the ditches this winter – the grass didn’t get going in time to be cut this year.

After clearing the edges, m’mother moved into the middle of the field, along with son-in-the-middle. Although, as he is a total townboy, even more than his dad, I’m not sure how much work he actually did before sloping off to return with refreshments.