It’s raining and I have a big, fat, infected insect bite on my leg. So I’m not walking the dog. It would be good for my mental state, and the state of my backside, if I did, but my leg hurts so I’m not doing it. Firstborn can do it. Then I’ll get m’husband to take me and dog for a drive, and look at lovely green grass out of the window.

In the meantime, here are some garden pictures:

Poppies in full bloom. They lasted barely a week before regular downfalls flattened them, but they were lovely while they lasted.

I love English marigolds which, being English, are pretty much rainproof. I planted loads in a pot and placed them on some steps in my garden so I can see them from my kitchen window. The guinea pigs love them too, so they get spare leaves when I’m feeling generous.

My garden is a pretty freeform sort of place, but occasionally it does itself proud in self seeded moments. The pink rose is the thornless climber whose name momentarily escapes me – oh, zephrine drouhin, I think – and the foxglove appeared all on its ownsome. Quite a few of the selfseeded foxgloves round here are white, so I’m rather pleased that this one managed to merge colours so beautifully with the rose.

Just out of shot is a shoot of stag’s horn sumach. I planted one which came from m’mother’s garden, which eventually died due to overvigorous pruning at the wrong time of year. However it had sent out a few exploratory parties to my back fence neighbour’s garden, so she now has a healthy bush in her garden plus more babies in pots. She handed me one back, plus they’re sneaking back under the fence. Slightly tyrannical, but beautiful foliage.

 Addendum: This is an embarrassing admission; in my attempts to add two new blogs ( and to my blogroll I have a)failed to do so and b)added my own blog. Which looks like the ultimate in vanity. If anyone has any idea how to change this, please let me know. I’m off to watch Blues Brothers – the second one, with John Goodman, not the original.