Soon after we moved in here (20 years ago next month!) this aquilega appeared:

I can’t remember if it merely seeded itself, or came in a pot from m’mother’s garden along with some other stuff. Whatever, I wasn’t that impressed by its washed out pinky-purple flower and kept pulling it out. But it was persistent, as evidenced by the fact that it’s still there.

A few years ago I bought this aquilega:

Which turned out somewhat different to what I thought it would be, but it was interesting so I let it be. It turned out that aquilegas love my garden, as it kept seeding itself and can now be found all over my back garden flower beds on the sunny side. It also seemed to get on well with the pinky-purple resident, as they swapped pollen when my back was turned and came up with this:

A deep periwinkle blue, I think. And then this came along:

This one tends to the maroon end of the spectrum, so I find it a little bit funereal but I’ve allowed it to stay. Then last week I was fiddling with the plants and actually looked closely at this year’s self-seeded aquilega crop and realised I now had this as well:

I think it’s fabulous. Like a Victorian petticoat; all stiff frills and furbelows.

I am still musing on the PhD idea. How much do I want to do it? How bored will I get if I stick with what I’m doing now? Will I be able to stop myself being totally distracted by family stuff? If I’m going to do a doctorate I think the best time would be now, whilst I’m in the swing of research. If I left it a few years I’d then have to go through the whole ‘I can’t, I’m not capable’ panic all over again.

Meeting with supervisor is tomorrow. Given the amount of work I haven’t got done, she may laugh the doctorate idea out of the building.