Very soothing in the woods right now, as the tree canopy has thickened up and you are bathed in a soft, green light. Like this:

And it makes me keep thinking about singing ‘Into the Woods…” as I am toying with the idea of applying for a PhD. The one that’s come up sounds perfect, but… Well, I wouldn’t have time to go for many long walks with the dogs, and the emotional support at home can be somewhat sporadic, depending on how much cleaning is being done. On the plus side, I’d have a desk in the department, so I’d be able to concentrate on my work without endless distractions from children, washing, dirty bathroom floors and husbands who complain about the amount of paper I accumulate.

I’m going to discuss it with my supervisor tomorrow. As she would also be the supervisor for this PhD she may well exclaim in horror at the idea of supporting me through an even bigger research project. In the meantime I’m going to think happy thoughts, just like Sparky and Willis when they see an expanse of long grass: