The filly has been named: Caphouse Alice.

Shortly before this photo was taken she had been poking her nose in a mud puddle, just for the heck of it. So now she looks a bit like a donkey.

Through my viewfinder, this pic looked magnificent. Then I looked at it in detail on my computer and thought “she looks like a dirty, cheeky rascal.” Which I am sure is exactly what our Alice will turn out to be. Her colour is changing already; she is a dull dark brown (not a normal adult Dales pony colour) with grey/ sable sheeny patches.

She is already great friends with m’sister, and comes up to the fence for a nice scratch.

Look at that lip starting to tremble. My Alison is on her way to the top scratching spot.

And she’s got it. Shortly after this Alice moved away, I think in self defence before she fell over with sheer pleasure.

Here’s Winnie the Fell pony. They’re similar to Dales ponies but smaller. Winnie is now sharing a field with Alice and her mother, Doris, and all three have settled down well. Winnie and Alice are fast friends, which m’sister and I are really pleased about as the other ponies have given Winnie a bit of a hard time since she arrived, about 18 months ago.

Winnie also loves m’sister, and here she’s giving her a little nuzzle. Isn’t it lovely?

However what you can’t see is Willis, busily lowering the tone just out of shot with repeated attempts to hump Fly the Border collie. M’sister is looking down as the action is taking place around her ankles. I have to give Willis full marks for persistence as he just keeps on trying, no matter how many times he is shouted at by m’sister, or snapped at by Fly.