Anyone viewing this blog would probably think I lived an idyllic country life rather than my actual townie existence. So here are a few pics from the town/ city side of my life:

This is at the top of the Leeds University campus. The majority of buildings on the older part are redbrick, and many are terraces like this (go down to the bottom, nearer the city centre, and there are plenty of concrete monstrosities, but I’ll save those for another time). There are also loads of red brick terraces around Hyde Park, nearby. They probably looked lovely when they were built, as the lintels and door frames are of sandstone. There are a couple of buildings which have been cleaned up and the pinky cream of the sandstone really compliments the brick. However, sandstone picks up pollution very easily and consequently Leeds’ industrial history can be seen in the fact that the once lovely lintels are now black. Some people have added to the darkness by painting them black (why, I don’t know); others have tried to regain the original look by painting them cream or white. This is not that successful a move. The cream isn’t too bad, but not nearly as beautiful as the original stone, whereas the white is just – yuck. Especially where dampness and overhanging trees have resulted in the spread of green lichen over the white bits.

Look closely though, and you can still see some interesting features:

Like these coloured stone tops to the window arches. This is on the Faculty of Law, which the last time I visited was an absolute dump inside with extremely fierce and unhelpful staff in the general office. But the outside is nice.

And then there’s sheer beauty round the corner:

A horse chestnut tree in full bloom. Awesome.