What a beautiful bank holiday weekend. Glorious weather. Saturday I was working, but then Sunday we visited both my MIL and my parents. M’husband fitted a new leg to the caravan, and I wiped down the inside walls and surfaces ready for his trip off with the boys next weekend. Up at Ma and Pa’s, sons 2 and 3 joined me, Sparky and Fly the border collie to inspect m’father’s new field drains and ditches. It was so lovely, being down the field glorying at the hedges. I spotted a good clump of blackthorn and made a mental note to go back in August to get the sloes, and youngest son, the dogs and I hid from middle boy under a hawthorn tree/ bush. We had one of those perfect moments where boys and dogs were running with delight through a sea of buttercups – and of course, I didn’t have my camera.

On Monday we went to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull AND I got loads more gardening done. We all enjoyed the film, although youngest son and I simulataneously squeaked “It’s the janitor!” during the FBI interrogation scene. M’husband and I hate having to queue for anything, so we hustled everyone out of the house at 9.45am to get to the first showing nice and early. It was even more of a hustle as, after I got out of my bath, we put Sparky in (firstborn had been complaining of the smell she was making in his bedroom, although I suspect that may be a case of the pot calling the kettle black) and then m’husband decided it would be a good idea to bath Mort the black cat. Mort has a very thick coat, which he regularly leaves clumps of on the furniture and freshly cleaned carpets, and an occasional scurf problem, and m’husband has been theorising for some time that a bath may help. I refused to have anything to do with this scheme, mainly because I was dressed in clean clothes and my best t-shirt, so m’husband captured his cat, let some of the bath water out, plonked him in there and soaped him up with the (rather expensive) Eucerin skin soothing body wash. 

Despite being a pretty placid cat, Mort was appalled at this treatment and stalked off as soon as he was released. When we returned from the cinema and garden centre, m’husband went around picking up cat hair – I think Mort must have been grooming the entire time we were out.