I have been incredibly irritable and tired and snappy the last couple of days. I tried to have a guilt trip about the way I was behaving towards my family but I was too angry to do much more than say “I’m sorry for being a grumpy cow” a couple of times.  Felt like I was going insane and my life was a worthless trap, and I was even being mean to my lovely dog. Then I checked through my diary and turned out I was firmly in the PMT zone, which is a bit of a relief but not that much as I’m usually bloated and depressed at this point rather than snappy and short tempered. What is going on in my subconscious this time round?

1. I have data to key into an SPSS file from around 90 questionnaires. A boring grind, but not anger-worthy.

2. Mucho writing still to do on the research project. But that’s been the same for the last four months, so no change there then.

3. My eldest baby has left school! Well, he still has GCSEs to finish, and revision sessions to attend, and he’s going to sixth form in September, but still…. I had a little cry when he came home early on Thursday with marker pen signatures all over his shirt.

4. M’husband is driving me freaking insane with his rants about the price of fuel and the burden on the motorist. I totally zone out now when he starts, because I’ve heard it so often. I am reduced to suggesting that he finds new friends so he can spread his pain a little thinner. Despite all his financial woes he still decided he wanted our new fridge to be in silver rather than white, which cost him an extra 30 quid! I was staggered by the price of a fridge paint job.

If anyone can see any triggers to angry PMT-ness in all this, please enlighten me. On a more beautiful note, here are some pictures from my walk with Sparky last week, starting with some stiles. I love a good stile. Makes me feel all excited about what could be on the other side:

The dandelions are turning into clocks:

And I came across this flower, which I’ve never seen closer to home. Is it some sort of nettle? I’m really not sure:

And finally… peace and tranquility in the woods: