We’re all celebrating here because Doris (aka Sandtoft Princess) has produced a lovely filly foal. No name as yet; m’sister’s stud prefix is Caphouse and my dad is campaigning for Caphouse Alice. Here are the pics from my trip up there yesterday:

First I spotted Doris, but no foal:

Then as I chatted to Doris there was movement from a clump of grass and the baby staggered up from her nap:

And trotted over to her mum:

Got snuggled in nice and close to the milk source:

After a little while they got bored with me and wandered off, so I took Sparky for a little walk seeing as she was standing behind me pulling her most pathetic “I’ll just stand here while you take yet more pictures” face:

We had a good walk, and when we came back Doris deigned to notice us once more. Baby got up from her latest nap and then, to my surprise, decided to come over herself and say hello:

See the grey on her muzzle, and the sheen to her legs – she’s going to turn out dapple grey, just like her mamma.

At this point my camera batteries started playing up, and by the time I got things sorted they’d got bored with me once again and wandered off:

It’s going to be fun watching this girl grow.