I know, bad blogger. So much for the new year’s resolution of a pic a day. But here’s one to give you a sweet taste in your mouth: pawpaws growing in the tropical biome at the Eden Project. Mmm, mmm, mmm, pawpaw with lime juice. My favourite. I’d eat it every day if it wasn’t so darned expensive, and sons 2 and 3 would be right there in the dish with me.

I’ve been back on the toddler group beat again, plus another trip to a playgym with my nephew. Unfortunately he has now come down with chickenpox, so I’ve lost my playgym support crew, but I’ve enjoyed going there with him so much that I think I’ll keep going after he’s well again. I’ve made it to 48 completed questionnaires so far, out of 140 handed out. My supervisor recommends that I have at least 80, so fingers crossed for me that a few more people send them in. I’ve got a lunch with fellow NCT specialist workers tomorrow, so I can prevail on a few of them to fill one in, and another toddler group on Friday. Then I’m going to have to stay in more and start writing up some sections. My “I can’t do this!” panic has passed, to be replaced by a “I don’t have enough time!” panic. Which I suppose is progress, of a sort.

Friday afternoon I have to make a cake and pack a picnic for the Dales Show on Saturday. One of my tasks for today (in between toddler group and trip to university) was to find some dry shampoo for m’sister’s second grey mare, Kizzy. M’sister says she won’t have time to wash her – Kizzy lives out, so no point doing it Friday night in the current weather, and m’father wants to set off at 6am on the day in order to get his stallion there, settled and tidied up in time for the first class at 10am. He has been getting himself in a tizz trying to work out the best combination of drivers, horsebox, trailer, stallion and two mares. M’husband and I are down as reserve drivers for the way home, which is good for me as we don’t have to set off until 8am. It’s a pleasant drive to Barnard Castle, straight up the M1 and A1, then across the lower edges of the Border country.