Yaay! I’ve found a focus and I’m getting started. Admittedly this boils down to writing the page header, plus the sub headings for my Method section, but it feels good. I visited one toddler group on Friday, another today and have a third lined up for tomorrow.

I’d forgotten how loud these places get. I’d also forgotten how hostile and suspicious some mothers can be. Someone they don’t know walks near them, and they stick their heads down and will do just about anything to avoid eye contact. Anyway, I’ve managed to hand out about 60 questionnaires but I’m going to have to photocopy another 500 sheets. I thought I would give out questionnaire and a pen, and women would duly hand them back to me 15 minutes later. I was wrong. Mainly, they say “I’ll fill it in at home where it’s quieter and I can think” which probably means I’ll be lucky to get half of them sent back, even with a complimentary envelope, freepost address and the prize draw incentive.

But anyway. I’ve Written Something! Not much, but it’s a morale-boosting, mind focusing start.

And now for something completely different: Doctor Who with Catherine Tate. I do love Catherine Tate, she’s so beautiful and intelligent. Fit to be a Jenny Crusie heroine. And now she is doing a fabulous job as the Doctor’s new assistant, with absolutely no romantic feelings about him. I am so relieved. The Doctor does not float around the universe plucking winsome assistants and falling in love with them; rather he picks up interesting people and has some excellent and inspiring friendships. I’d add a picture from the BBC website but I can’t work out how. Never mind. Watch the programme – it’s fab.