We’ve had a week in Cornwall, in a cottage called Clerkenwater Vean on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Very pleasant place, with pale yellow primroses all over the place, lovely weather and absolute quiet. Then we came home to snow flurries, a cold snap and horrible urban traffic noise.

I managed to chill out pretty well for the week, despite some lingering niggles about my research project, but once I got home I was straight back into teaching, making masses of phone calls trying to get hold of people and desparing over the state of my untidy house. If I could just decide what to do about the research project – such as knock it on the head – I could at least clean up with a clear conscience. I am back to having a total crisis of confidence about it. I have an appointment with my supervisor tomorrow so we can set up the data file – although she’s going to have to do it with only two completed questionnaires. I’ve given out more than that but only got the two back so far. I’m going to have to spend a couple of weeks haunting mother and toddler groups to improve my participant numbers.

Here’s something more cheerful; Cornish primroses. To follow this week: coves, beaches and the fabulour plants in the Eden Project.