It goes like this: On Good Friday there was cake, and a visit to my BIL and SIL in Lincolnshire.

A Cadbury’s caramel choccamocca cake with eggs:


And a Simnel cake with a difference. It might not look any different, but the taste and texture are divine as the marzipan is chopped into small pieces, frozen and then stirred through the cake mixture before baking. Yum yum:


Everywhere I’ve been in Yorkshire – and Lincolnshire – people keep saying “it’s too early for Easter!” M’husband looked it up and Easter won’t be this early again for about 50 years (I think). Due to the earliness the weather was very changeable, with patches of sunshine quickly suceeded by snow and sleet clouds blowing up the valley:




Then, on Easter Sunday, we woke to more snow than we’ve had in ages. I rushed to get up and walk Sparky as experience shows that it won’t last. I could hear water dripping from the eaves and running down the drains as I walked along, but there was still enough snow for that satisfactory ‘creak’ under my wellies.




I really need to work on my Photoshop skills, as it really wasn’t that dark – but I haven’t got a clue how to lighten up my shots on the computer without m’husband (former press photographer and Photoshop expert) by my shoulder. I also need to work on my weight loss so I have fewer problems with my wellies. I’ve gained so much over the last few years that my wellies are tight round my calves and consequently my socks fall down far too quickly. I had to stop three times in 12 minutes to fish them out of the toe of my boot. The third time I replaced them on my feet, I remembered to tuck my jeans into my socks which gave me a much longer period between sock stops.

Sadly the snow was all gone by lunchtime, so when we went up to m’sister’s house to help plant her new hedge this was the scene:


That’s sons 3, 2 and 1 messing about with sticks and spades under the bit of existing hedge. I was really pleased that they were straight out there and playing, as they spend so much time fiddling about with computers that I worry they will forget how to enjoy being outside – but no worries. No. 2 son is the townboy, rather like his dad, and the two of them disappeared inside after a while but then brought us out mugs of tea – although they weren’t too hot after the walk across the field! I was about to take some pics of the ponies when the batteries on my camera packed in, so another time…