My garden is growing. Things in the woods are growing. Here we go:


I’ve forgotten what this plant is called – I bought it several years ago and it didn’t take to the spot I put it in so never flowered. I finally got round to moving it in the autumn, and here it is in all its glory.


That’s a close up of my skimmia bush, which I planted years ago and it loves the spot its in, so much so that I have to keep lopping bits off so it doesn’t shade my (too small) veg bed. I love the sweet, subtle scent of it as I walk by.


Here’s a euphorbia (I think; sister still has all my plant books so I can’t identify) which I came across when walking Sparky. It’s a garden plant over here, but this one has managed to break free and is growing under a row of willows at the side of the old Grange Road – now a footpath.


And one other thing that keeps on growing – my nephew Lars, now one year old, having a laugh with his daddy.