Took myself and my research project to see my supervisor, who was pleased with the way things are shaping up, helped me to finish off the ethics form and took a load off my mind by pointing out that she wouldn’t expect me to remember how to run all the stats. This has been worrying me: I get great marks when learning how to run the analysis and interpret the results, but then six months pass when I have nothing to do with ANOVAs, MANOVAs and multiple regression and I’ve forgotten it all.

My plan for the week up to Easter: finish off ethics form and questionnaire, and start finding my research population; encapsulate all reading so far in a structured plan for my Introduction section, and start writing the Method section. Then take Easter weekend off and RELAX with husband, sons and dog.

Here are some photos. First, rhubarb growing in the garden:


Second, the Bakewell heart tart I made for m’husband for Valentine’s Day:


And third, and possibly most beautiful, the parish church on the day we woke up to fields and trees full of rime: