1. Stop faffing about on the internet.

2. Have a bath.

3. Visit supermarket for cake ingredients and petrol. May treat myself to a copy of Horse & Hound. Go into Batley to florist for a decoration for a 21st birthday cake which I made yesterday.

4. Walk the dog.

5. Bake sponge cake, whip cream etc – m’father is yearning for a sponge cake made to this recipe: three eggs; the weight of three eggs in flour; the weight of two eggs in sugar, and a tablespoon of hot water. He gave my mother’s effort 7 out of 10, and her friend’s effort 10 out of 10, so family honour is at stake.

6. Fill out that blasted ethics form for the blasted research project.

7. Find out who’s coming to tonight’s antenatal group.

8. Assemble sausage rolls for youngest brother’s girlfriend’s birthday tea. I say ‘assemble’ rather than ‘make’ as I buy the flaky pastry and the sausages. All I have to do is roll out the pastry, cut it into four strips and smear on Dijon mustard; skin sausages and roll them a little thinner, then stick everything together with a little beaten egg and milk, chop into a convenient sized roll, glaze and bung in a hot oven for 20 minutes.

9. Pack car with teaching stuff for tonight.

10. Go to my parents’ house to eat the birthday tea.

11. Teach.

I need to fit the odd conversation with my husband in there somewhere. Not sure where. And put the guinea pigs in their run so they can have a good go at the spring grass. Here they are:


That’s Charlie with her bottom to the camera, and Cocoa poking her head out of the shelter.