Ignore the previous post about getting some resolution. I am not enjoying this project At All and feel like I really really don’t belong in a research environment because I am simply Not Competent, or Focused, or tough enough. I don’t like it when I feel disapproved of, and I want to say “f*** you” (pardon my language, but I’m mad), walk away and find somewhere where I feel appreciated and part of a team. Or maybe I just need a different supervisor – but it’s too late for that now.

Today’s picture:


That’s me, out with a couple of sons, walking my mum’s dog, Fly. It’s a few years ago but I looked at the pic this morning and got a good feeling – an ‘out in the fields’ feeling. Which I could do with more of right now.

Okay, whinging over with (for now…). Off to wash up and do more reading.