I haven’t done any research project work for four days, so now I’m panicking again. Oh, woe is me. Trying very hard to breathe calmly and refocus. Think of the good things… thinking really hard…. Nope, no research based good bits in there yet.

In other news, Sparky is now good friends with Willis. I took them both for a walk through Lady Wood yesterday, and she kept trying to run round him and jump on him. He was obliging about it, but hampered because he has to stay on the long lead as he appears to have no clue what his name is and acts totally ignorant when you try to call him back to you. At one point they appeared to be totally tangled up in his long line, but then freed themselves before I had to rip my hands up tugging at the thing.

I started an antenatal group in Bretton last week. First class, everyone had to drive very slowly and carefully to get there through thick and freezing fog. Second class, last night, we had gale force winds which blew a truck over on the motorway, so all the local roads were snarled up – it took me an hour to get there and it’s usually more like 20 minutes – and at times it sounded like the village hall roof was going to lift off. So for next week, I’m wondering whether we get more heavy rain – I usually cross the Calder at Horbury Bridge, which is prone to flooding – or an unexpected snowstorm sweeps in and buries the village hall in a 10 foot drift.

Anyway, here’s a picture:

Jackie at Tower Bridge

That’s Jackie, a Cherry friend, who I met up with in London to go see the Tutankhamun exhibition at the O2. She’s standing by Tower Bridge because I wanted to get off the Tube early on the way back and walk through a bit of London which I haven’t seen before – a word of warning, if you meet me in London wear comfortable shoes as I do like to walk. I thought the City area would be interesting, but it’s all modern buildings apart from the odd church steeple left over from WW2 air raids. It was getting late when we were walking, so I’ll have to go back – probably with my boys – and see the Tower another day.