When my boys were little we spent a lot of time walking round the park at Oakwell Hall so earlier this week I took Sparky for a walk there. It has been raining all week – flood warnings galore on most rivers in West Yorkshire – so the ground was sodden and I was very glad of my wellies and hat, but there are always some pretty spots around Oakwell.

This is the hall:

Oakwell Hall

 And the doorway:

 Oakwell doorway

Sparky has a worried moment by the stone ram on the lawn:

Sparky and ram

The hall has an arboretum (I would love to have an arboretum) and here’s a gorgeous holly and a very striking silver birch:

Oakwell holly

 Oakwell birch

And a sign of spring (even though it’s only January) – lambs’ tails on the hazel trees down by the stream:

Oakwell stream