Well, so much for the ‘post a picture every day’ new year’s resolution. In my defence, I have had a rotten cold for the past three days and I still sound like Coughing Henry of Ankh-Morpork the minute I start to laugh, speak too loudly or exert myself.

Today was my first real test of the trials of dog ownership, for my boys were getting ready for school, it was dark and raining, m’husband had gone to work, and Sparky desperately needed to spend a penny. She won’t wee in the garden, so I had to dig out my wellies and trudge round to the playing fields on the other side of the main road. We had to stand for several minutes waiting for a gap in the rush hour traffic then brave the winds and rain whipping across the fields. I was wearing my peaked hat with the ear and neck flap, which I pulled my coat’s hood over. I also zipped and velcro-d every available gap to stop the wind sneaking inside, and if a mass murderer had crept up behind me I wouldn’t have had a clue as I couldn’t hear a thing. I wouldn’t have seen him coming either, as what with flaps, peaks and hood I had a very limited field of vision. However it was nice to look over to the east and see the sky lightening and the wind and rain did a good job of freshening up my poor suffering sinuses.

Today’s to do list:

Take Sparky on a longer walk. Alternatively, take Sparky for a short walk, find a bench to sit down and then throw her ball for about 30 minutes.

Phone the hairdresser – I’ve had enough of growing my hair and fancy a short bob.

Go the supermarket to buy birthday cake ingredients – first and youngest sons have birthdays tomorrow. I did offer to buy them cakes but they said they’d rather have homemade. Which is nice of them. I think.

Read up on the psychology of attribution – I have a new research project for my MSc which my supervisor is very excited about. I think this may be the key point for really supportive supervision: do a topic which your chosen supervisor really really wants you to do.

And here’s a photo from the family album:

Grandad and pram

On the left is my Nana, and the man with the pushchair is my Grandad who died last year. Auntie Margaret is holding Nana’s hand and I think the boy in the pushchair must be my Uncle Stuart. I think this might have been a Whit Walk round the village in the 1950s, which means my dad is probably either 300 yards in front or half a mile behind, chatting with his mates.