Okay, so I went away and thought about cheery things, and I decided on baking muffins. Partly because I had promised muffins to number 1 son, partly because the recipe for lemon and ginger muffins sounded zingy and summery and I thought I could blog about my ‘recipe for today’ and not sound such a depressive so-and-so.

 Problem no. 1: No muffin cases. But I decided that would be fine, because I could use my silicon muffin tray and just pop them out.

Problem no. 2: I think my English muffin tray has smaller holes than a US muffin tray. It was supposed to make 10 or 11; all 12 of mine were full almost to overflowing.

Problem no. 3: They stuck. Well and truly. No amount of popping or tapping was successful, I had to get a knife and dig them out. My worktop is covered in crumbs.

However they do taste nice and zingy, which leads us on to problem no. 4: Number 1 son takes a look and says “where’s the chocolate?” I point out that he didn’t specify muffin type, whereby he claims that all muffins come with chocolate in them. And then he ate one and complained about the chopped ginger.

Sigh. Off to buy muffin cases.