I’m singing along to myself: ‘books are lovely, books are wonderful’ because I have an Amazon parcel due to arrive today. There will be two books inside: the latest Jenny Crusie novel, Agnes and the Hitman, which she co-wrote with Bob Mayer, plus an Ariana Franklin novel, The Mistress of the Art of Death.

Jenny and Bob have already written one novel together, Don’t Look Down, which was pretty good, but Agnes and the Hitman is an absolute cracker. I haven’t read it yet, but I have read the outtakes which are on the website, and they are fab. My favourite character so far: Detective Simon Xavier. Jenny’s also in the process of collaborating with two other writers on another book, Dogs and Goddesses (and if you go to that website you’ll see more cracking scenes) as well as writing a solo novel Always Kiss Me Goodnight. So, lots to look forward to, all Jenny needs now is a UK publisher so she’ll come visit.

I’ve only this week found out that Ariana Franklin is a pseudonym for Diana Norman, who has to be the best historical novelist going but doesn’t have a web presence. I can highly recommend  The Vizard Mask which I reread, either fully or partially, several times a year.

I am extremely torn – which book do I read first? Off to the shops to buy crisps, dip and chocolate to accompany my reading marathon.