Oh god, this is turning into such a hormonal woman’s blog. But I found out the underlying trigger for the weeping, guilt, brain freeze and keyboard bashing – I was pre-menstrual. I shouldn’t have been for another week, but things kicked in today rather than the scheduled next Tuesday.

PMT and PMS are so variable, the more reading you do the more difficult it is to come to a firm conclusion. My hypothesis is that the hormonal changes take the brakes off, if you like. Women can be a bit (or a lot) fed up about things, but normally they’re coping and getting along in polite society, then suddenly the progesterone plummets and the barriers which hold back the fed-upness are lowered and all hell breaks loose. A very good book on this is Anne E Walker’s The Menstrual Cycle, which was published in 1997. It would be lovely to see this updated and reissued.

 Anyway, perimenopause. I’m convinced I’m in it; my sister dismisses my suggestions. I strong suspect this is because she is only three years younger than me and does not want to face the fact that I’m blazing the trail for her in terms of reproductive degeneration. I definitely need to get going with that exercise programme – did you know that regular exercise, such as a brisk walk, significantly reduces cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimers in post-menopausal women? It also helps to regulate menstrual function.